Web Design

Red Eagle Web Design offers you professional, quality, and most of all affordable web site designs ranging from a wide variety of options:

  • Small Business Websites
  • Large Business Websites
  • E-Commerce Shopping Carts
  • Realty Listing Websites

Many Website designers offer “great deals” on their designs. Many offer small monthly fees instead of a one time payment which on the surface appears to be a better low cost option. However, if you look at how much the monthly fee is times the number of months in the contract you may have to sign, it is more economical to pay the one time fee and be done with it.

Many Website design companies also require a setup fee. We do not require setup fees. The price shown or discussed with you personally is the price you will have to pay. There are no hidden fees. The only additional fee you may have is if you decide to host your website with us (which is a very nominal fee) or if you also decide to have a Maintenance Contract with us.

Web Hosting

We provide quality hosting with prices that are hard to beat. You do not have to buy a web design from Red Eagle Web Design, LLC to acquire web hosting, and you do not have to buy web hosting to acquire a web design from us.

Our web server host boasts a 99% uptime on the web servers. This can be offered because the data center has backup power stations, data backup for your data located on the servers, and mirrored servers to ensure your data is protected to the highest extent.